MRAT Offerings - At A Glance


MRAT BASIC  (free)

Provides a municipal risk profile based on historical damage events.  All MRAT offerings include the following basic features:

Dashboard and Map

View previous damage events in your municipality.  View spatially where and when damage events occurred, and see estimated damage costs.


User Administration

Invite your colleagues and manage access to your MRAT account. 


Offers advanced scenario risk modelling.  Our Advanced offering includes the Basic features, and the following advanced capabilities.


Upload Advanced Data

Upload all the municipal data required to generate custom indices or advanced scenarios.  

Advanced Indices

A standardized set of approximately 1,600 indices will be developed from the data provided, or generate custom indices that are specific to your municipality.  Custom indices can include maintenance records, physical model outputs and indices describing unique infrastructure. 

Advanced Visualization

Explore risk scenarios in an advanced visualization tool, create graphs, maps, charts and dashboards to better explain and understand risk scenarios. 


Risk Model Scenarios

Filter and limit your input data spatially and temporally to build specific models for specific scenarios (based on neighborhood, hazard event, season, and others).  

Advanced Risk Models

Use standard MRAT indices and events alongside your municipality’s custom indices. Use machine learning to create an unlimited number of custom risk models to explain different events or infrastructure scenarios.