Understand risks and vulnerabilities

Engineers, planners and asset managers can run models to identify high risk areas and determine the risk of infrastructure failure.


Prioritize infrastructure investments

Supports objective decision making by revealing why, where and when capital investments should be made.


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Adapt to extreme weather & CHANGING climate

Empowering communities with the information to make more informed choices about where investments should be made to help keep their neighbourhoods safe and dry, now and in the future, as the climate changes.



$123 Billion

Canada's infrastructure deficit (2015)

$29 Billion

Economic losses from natural disasters (2015)

$3.2 Billion

Annual severe weather insurance payouts (2013)


Municipal Risk Assessment Tool (MRAT) combines advanced risk analytics with detailed municipal and insurance industry data.  

MRAT allows municipalities and governments to identify high-risk areas and infrastructure that are most (and least) vulnerable to sewer backup flood events, today and in the future.

 We offer two different MRAT service packages.  Compare features here


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